Sound-Healing (Inner Sound Tuning Forks)

If we want to change our life and want to feel healthier, happier, stronger, calmer and free then music and sound are excellent tools to create this change. Because we can use music to make us feel good and we can also use it effectively to dissolve blockages in our body and energetic system.

Inner Sound Tuning Forks

A characteritstic of tuning forks is that they emit a single frequency – a pure sound. Blockages in the body resonate with those pure sounds and can thus be dissolved.

Using the Inner Sound Tuning Forks we hold two different forks to the ears and you can listen to the soft sounds. The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are specially developed to create a standing wave of expansion and contraction which produces a balance in life between relaxing, regenerating and growing on one side and focussing, achieving and performing on the other side. The set of 13 tuning forks (the Spiral of Pure 5ths) offers a wide range of frequencies, so that all areas of the body, from toes to the head and the whole energetic system like chakras, meridians and the aura are reached. A second set of three forks uses the OM-frequency.

The effects are
  • Relaxation and a better ability to cope with stress 
  • Peaceful and quiet mind
  • Conscious contact with yourself
  • Regaining health
  • Positive feelings
Which supports
  • Living and integrating emotions
  • Creativity
  • Solving problems in difficult times
  • Meditation
Sessions by appointment. Please call or send an e-mail.
Session: 75 minutes 
Fee: kr. 7.500 / € 75
Ísland: 85 79 356
+31–6–29 08 15 64

Or skype at 'alexander-schwarz'.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to meeting you :-)

More information about the Inner Sound Tuning Forks

The special Inner Sound Tuning Forks are used on the ears. Two forks that vibrate an interval of a pure fifth are held next to each ear. (An interval is the distance between two notes.) 
The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are precise to the second decimal of a Hertz, a significantly higher standard than for regular use, even in medicine. The tuning forks have a starting frequency that is based on the so called Schumann Earth Cavity Resonance of 7,865 Hz. This sound surrounds the earth but is too low for the human ear to be picked up. The first Inner Sound Tuning Fork is two octaves higher and all other tuning forks are each a pure fifth higher than the lower fork.

What is a pure fifth?

A pure fifth is a musical interval where the frequency of the higher tone exactly 1.5 times the frequency of the lower tone is. The pure fifth is part of the natural harmonic range of our own voice and is very important in sound healing and in ancient and modern musical compositions voor healing.

How the Inner Sound Tuning Forks work

The pure fifth of the two tuning forks that are held one at each ear produce a wave of contraction and relaxation throughout the whole body. Every part of our body has its own healthy frequency. If we are fine there is a balance between relaxation and foccussing in our body and life. We feel relaxed enough to change, to recover, to grow. And we are also able to focus on our goals and achievements.

If we experience physical or emotional problems, then parts of our body can not freely move any more. With the help of the frequencies of the Inner Sound Tuning Forks these blockages can be traced and dissolved. The vibration travels trough the whole body and brings deep relaxation on all levels, so that you will feel calmer, healthier, more balanced and better able to cope with stress.

The effect is experienced soon and lasts for a long time.

Why not try them for yourself!


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