Space Clearing

Everybody knows the feeling:
  • Sometimes a room feels creepy, even if it has nice furniture.
  • Some spaces make you feel tired, drain your energy.
  • In some spaces people are engaged in a lot of conflicts.
All those things might be connected to the energy in a space.
And just like we think it is necessary to take care of our body (eating healthy, moving our body, taking a shower) it is also very important to take care of our energy!
Our method:
With energy healing and the Inner Sound Tuning Forks it is not only possible to bring more balance to the human energy system but also to bring more harmony to spaces like your house, appartment or your office. By harmonizing the frequency old and negative energy (from former inhabitants or past events) can be released, and the energy of spaces that feel heavy, unpleasant and disharmonious can be cleaned and balanced.
Possible for flats, houses, offices, just every space.
After the cleaning session the space will feel
  • fresh
  • clean
  • pleasant
  • harmonious
  • good to live and work in.
Ideal conditions for a fresh start.
1 room kr. 12.500, more than 1 room kr. 8.000 per room (spaces up to 20 m²; bigger spaces are multiples of 20 m²); + travel costs of kr. 12.500/hour
Please contact us if you have any questions
Ísland: 85 79 356
+31–6–29 08 15 64

Or skype at 'alexander-schwarz'.

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