Every human being is surrounded by an energy field. This energy field is also called aura. Healing is balancing and harmonizing that energy field.
In an healthy aura the energy is clear and flows freely through the whole system. When we feel healthy and fine we can easily find our way in the world and be connected to other people.
But sometimes we get out of balance. Then we develop physical problems like pain and illness or emotional problems, which make us feel unhappy, exhausted or restless and agitated. The reason can be blockages in the energy field and the body.
During a healing session we connect with your essential energy and your self-healing potential and help you to restore the balance in your energy field. This strengthens your connection with your life-force and helps your life-force to flow easier, so you are able to live from your centre, your heart.
Healing helps you with personal development and healing physical and emotional problems.
Session: 60 minutes 
Fee: kr. 6.000 / € 60
To make an appointment for a private healing-session with Alexander please mail us to
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Ísland: 85 79 356
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Or skype at 'alexander-schwarz'.

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