If we want to change our life and want to feel healthier, happier, stronger, calmer and free then music and sound are excellent tools to create this change. Because we can use music to make us feel good and we can also use it effectively to dissolve blockages in our body and energetic system.

Inner Sound Tuning Forks

A characteritstic of tuning forks is that they emit a single frequency – a pure sound. Blockages in the body resonate with those pure sounds and can thus be dissolved.

Using the Inner Sound Tuning Forks we hold two different forks to the ears and the clients can listen to the soft sounds. The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are specially developed to create a standing wave of expansion and contraction which produces a balance in life between relaxing, regenerating and growing on one side and focussing, achieving and performing on the other side.

The effects are
  • Relaxation and a better ability to cope with stress 
  • Peaceful and quiet mind
  • Conscious contact with yourself
  • Regaining health
  • Positive feelings
Which supports
  • Living and integrating emotions
  • Creativity
  • Solving problems in difficult times
  • Meditation
The Inner Sound Tuning Forks can be used
  • in individual sessions with clients
  • in groeps to start up or integrate the work
  • as introduction to meditation
  • with many different problems.

Basic Level Course

During the Basic Level Course
  • you learn about the musical, physical and biological principles how sound works in the body
  • you learn how and why tuning forks and the Inner Sound Tuning Forks work
  • you practice with the Spiral of Fifths (13 forks) and the extra OM Tuners set (3 forks)
  • the multiple possibilities on physical, mental, emotional and energetic level are covered
  • you practice different forms of sessions for yourself and for others under supervision.
The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are easy to use and using them can be learned quickly.
The Basic-course is open to anyone, there are no prerequisites.
Inner Sound Tuning Forks to work with will be provided. You are not obliged to buy the Inner Sound Tuning Forks in any way.Since the Inner Sound Tuning Forks are highly precise instruments and well tuned to the human body and energy system, you can not expect to achieve the same results with forks not manufactured to the Inner Sound Tuning Forks specifications and quality standards.

Advanced Course

The Advanced-course is open to everyone who has followed the Basic-course.
By the end of the Advanced-course, you have deepend the knowledge presented by you in the Basic-course and learend also all the 'Motifs' (kind of little melodies) to play with the forks to target more specific for certain circumstances (physical, energetical, emotional, intellectual).

Basic level course: 2 days, € 295 including extensive printed material about the history and uses of tuning forks and detailed information about the Inner Sound Tuning Forks (Set of 13 Spiral of Fifths, Personal Tuners, OM Tuners). Information on subjects as physics of sound, effect of sound on the body (body functions, physiology, nervous system), theory and function of emotions, effect of sound on emotions, field theory, where different instruments resonate.
Courses on request.
Inner Sound Tuning Forks
Spiral of Fifths (13 forks): € 595
OM Tuners (3 forks): € 180
There is always the possibility to contact us with your questions, comments and experiences about the course and practice, also afterwards. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Alexander Schwarz
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