Body Reading

Reading the body’s structure and posture – a fascinating journey for people working with people and for people who want to learn more about themselves.

When we look at other people it is obvious that we all come in very different shapes and sizes. Every person has his or her individual shape and posture. Some people we find sympathetic in a glimpse and with others we have trouble to communicate with.

So why do our bodies develop so differently?

During our whole life we grow through several stages – physically and psychologically. Our experiences in life and our emotions affect our posture and body structure – and our posture and body structure affect our experiences and emotions.

In this course we learn what a body can tell us about the qualities and challenges each body structure and posture brings for each of us. The different postures and body structures are covered theoretically but also practically through looking at our bodies and easy to do exercises to soften the structures that are blocking us. We also learn how to succesfully communicate with the various types, so that we can enjoy our life with other people.

Please wear clothes that don’t hide your body shape, because we want to look at all our bodies.

Verð er 18.000 kr

Course on request.

If you want to sign in, please mail to or call:
+354-85 79 356
Or skype at 'alexander-schwarz'.

If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us under the above mentioned coordinates.